Aries Marine and Engineering Services

Environmental Inspection

Aries offers complete range of environment survey and solution to improve the quality in order to  meet international standards and codes.

Our survey team mainly focused on oil and gas, marine, civil and aviation industries.

Why environmental survey / inspection?

It will improve the human comfort, sound health, maintaining world class indoor environment and ultimately satisfaction. The end result – “human efficiency improvement”

Types of Survey We offers -

Indoor Air Quality

  •  Carbon Di Oxide [Co2]
  •  Ozone
  •  Total Volatile Organic Compound [TVOc]
  •  Semi Volatile Organic Compound [SVOc]
  •  Percentage of Relative Humidity [% RH]
  •  Air Velocity
  •  Dew Drop
  •  Wet Bubble
  •  Asbestos
  •  Formaldehyde
  •  Hydrogen (H2)
  •  Ammonia (NH3)
  •  Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
  •  Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
  •  % Outdoor Air
  •  Microbiological Analyzer
  •  Refrigerant Gases

Emission Testing

  •  Stack Emission Testing
  •  Fugitive Gas Emissions

Water Analysis

  •  Microbiological Analysis of water
  •  Analysis of Legionella
  •  Chemical Analysis of water

HVAC Inspection

The inspection of HVAC system, heating, cooling, fireplace, solid-fuel burning appliances system and related components. It includes including warm-air, hydronic, steam and electric heating systems and heat pump systems.



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