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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Lifting & Loose Gear Inspection in Oman

Aries is an accredited member of Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), providing thorough Examination & Third-Party Inspection and Structural Integrity Analysis of Lifting equipment and Lifting accessories as per PUWER and LOLER Standards. We provide a statutory structural integrity inspections/assessment on Lifting and Hoisting equipment as part of client's risk assessment program/annual survey and to meet legal/safety requirements for periodic inspections. Periodic inspection is intended to determine the need for repair or replacement of components to keep the lifting equipment/loose gears and to ensure that the equipment is safe and fit for use with all applicable jurisdictions, standards and regulations. After thorough Inspections/Proof Load testing of lifting equipment with satisfactory result, documents of certifications/third party evaluation assessments can be issued in accordance with the local jurisdictions, standards or those of the destinations of the lifting device.

The spectrum of services

  • LOLER Inspection and Certification for Lifting Equipment & Lifting Machines
  • All types of Cranes like Crawler, Hydraulic Mobil, Overhead, Gantry and Tower Cranes
  • Offshore Cranes
  • Professional Proof Load Testing and Monitoring for Cranes
  • Manufacturer Crane Inspection /Commissioning and Certification
  • Forklift Trucks, Lorry mounted Cranes
  • Periodic Inspections of Lifting Equipment and Lifting Accessories
  • Condition monitoring of Lifting Equipment and Lifting Accessories
  • Commissioning Inspections of Cranes
  • Load testing of Derricks , Life Boat Davits systems, Offshore/ Land Rigs, Vessel and Barges etc.,
  • Inspections of Lifting Tools/Gears
  • Onsite / Offsite Inspection of Pad Eyes
  • Inspections and Certification of Containers, Offshore Baskets, Cargo Baskets.
  • Testing and Certification of Cradles
  • Bollard Testing
  • Ship Lift Inspection
  • Wire rope inspection and certification by non-destructive testing (Magnetic Flux Leakage) method
  • Calibration of test weights and certification
  • Annual Examination / Condition assessment evaluation of structural elements (Track, Support structure), Ride components (Track, wheel spindles, chassis, axles etc.) in Roller Coaster, Honey Bee Swing, Mono rail etc. and it includes NDT/NDE evaluation, Electrical analysis, Functional test, Destructive testing etc.
  • EMAG Inspection

Training courses

  • Crane Operators Certification Program
  • Rigging and Slinging training Program
  • Heavy Equipment Operators Certification Program
  • Banks