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Aries Marine and Engineering Services



  • Global Strength Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Detail design of Topside
  • Jacket Design, Launching and Appending
  • Semi Sub Analysis
  • Site Specific Assessment/li>
  • FFED Study
  • 2-3 Cargo Hold Analysis
  • Non Linear Analysis
  • Offshore Container Design
  • Installation engineering
  • Sea Transportation Engineering

Global Strength Analysis

Global strength analysis using FE-analysis is the most extensively used method for optimization of sea-going vessels and offshore platforms. This involves significant amount of engineering man-hours and experience. Global strength analysis of fixed leg platforms as well as offshore support vessels has been carried out to client and class satisfaction for a multitude of clientele in the Far East as well as Middle East. Experienced core engineering tem well versed with analysis software’s like NASTRAN, SACS etc. provide 24hrs support for the diversifying needs of the market.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis is fallback tool for all validation and optimization in all fields of engineering. FE experience involving global models as well as micro engineering aspects of connection details have been carried out to client satisfaction. ANSYS, FEMAP, SESAM are just a few of the soft wares that are employed by our experienced team of structural engineers.

Detail design of Topside

Detail design of topside includes initial preliminary FEED study to final commissioning. Being involved in a multitude of EPCI projects means that the detail design of the topside projects involved are not only optimized but completed in time critical manner.

Jacket Design, Launching and Appending

Detail design of jacket structures including structural integrity and fatigue life calculation. Transportation, launching and appending analysis for offshore topsides in Middle East, and Far East regions have been completed with more projects in the pipeline.

Semi Sub Analysis

The semi-submersible vessel design is commonly used in a number of specific offshore roles such as for offshore drilling rigs, safety vessels and oil production platforms. Offshore drilling in water depth greater than around 120 meters requires that operations are carried out from a floating vessel. Their design involves high-end engineering capabilities and experienced team work. Track record of proven design incudes vessels operating in the Caspian Sea and Middle East.

FFED Study

FEED study is the feasibility analysis of all major EPCI projects. Cost effective FEED study has always distinguished us in the market. Analysis carried out for a multitude of clientele in Far East, Middle East, Caspian region and the Americas

2-3 Cargo Hold Analysis

The simplification of the global analysis for cargo vessels (esp. tankers) is by concentrating the analysis on two or three cargo holds thereby restricting the extent of model by removing the redundancy of the vessel. FEA is carried out for determining the adequacy of the scantling against the environment loading and

Non Linear Analysis

Non- Linear Analysis of structures is to check for changes in the physical behavior of the material due to loading for a longer period of time. The loading pattern is analyzed for the worst probable deflection and is stimulated. The exact estimation of fatigue life of the structure is obtained by a non-linear analysis. Non-linear analysis as per all international

Offshore Container Design

Offshore container design as per DNV and BS codes for powerhouses, store rooms, machinery containers and crew spaces. Our core team of engineers are well versed in container design detailing into in place, transportation, sea fastening, lifting analysis etc.

Installation engineering

Installation of skid mounted equipments and machinery systems have been carried out in a multitude of different cases. In-house piping, electrical and marine engineering teams assure co-ordination of disciplines with least ambiguity which is critical in completion of installation projects.

Sea Transportation Engineering

Sea fastening and transportation of machinery, equipment, fabricated structures, and marine goods of varying texture are completed in optimal manner and to class/client satisfaction. Sea fastening of entities weighing around 4000 metric tons has been successfully completed.

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