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Replica Metallography in Oman


In situ metallography or Replica Metallography is advanced NDT technique used to analyze the microstructure of the servicing part and understanding the microstructural degradation. Micro crack, micro fissure, integrity of the structure. 

The proper running of a plant requires periodic testing of materials, their characteristics and quality. Replica testing duplicates the microstructure of a component in order to observe grain structure at a high magnification. A rectangular plot of polishing disk is created. These plots were then attached with reagents and then replicates with films. This will create an actual copy of the materials. The replicated films are then observed for investigation.

Aries Global Company LLC in the Sultanate of Oman offers metallographic examination and replica testing services. Our experts provide you onsite non- destructive microstructure analysis and replica testing, directly evaluating the damage or remaining lifetime service. We give prior focus in developing our own areas of expertise by investigating on new methods.