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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Replica Metallography

Replica Metallography is a non-destructive technique for observing and documenting the microstructural integrity of engineering metal parts, castings, forgings, welds and brazed joints, equipment, components and steel parts. It can identify materials and their microstructures.

ARIES offers you a metallographic examination and replica testing services. Our experts provide you onsite non- destructive microstructure analysis and replica testing, directly evaluating the damage or remaining lifetime service. ARIES offer a wide portfolio of Replica Metallography services from accredited laboratories and which enable us to choose your needs and requirements.


Advantages Of Replica Metallography

  • It is very powerful technique for addressing many metallurgical problems.
  • Many applications to utilize this technique.
  • It can use quality control and investigational purposes.
  • Save cost and time.
  • It analyze the damage
  • Optimize material selection