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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Vibration Analysis in Oman

Aries Global Company LLC in the Sultanate of Oman provides condition monitoring technique “Vibration Analysis”, which are widely used in Marine, offshore, Oil & Gas industries. The characteristics of a vibrating object are variations in amplitude, intensity and frequency. These anomalies help us to get data regarding the fitness of equipment. Vibration analysis is an effective tool in detecting and monitoring chronic defects in equipment that cannot be repaired easily. Our survey offers comfort ability of manned space, Analysis of machine vibration, Analysis of Whole body structural vibration, which may reduce the maintenance cost, down time Ultimately.

Mechanical vibration Analysis - Machine unbalance, misalignment, looseness, bent shaft, gear problems, bearing problems, motor internal faults electrical grounding faults noises & excitation.

Structural vibration Analysis - Monitoring Work/ Living area vibration imposed to human body. Whole body structural vibration w.r.t acceptance standards and codes regard less of manned space. Interconnected structures, static equipment and piping.

Vibration Analysis Advantages

  •  PdM eliminate the down time of machineries
  •  Increases the life span
  •  Reduces Maintenance Costs

Vib Xpert II

One- or two-channel coast-down test with RMS, amplitude or waterfall. Route - based data collection with a clear display of measuring locations. Field balancing in two planes appears when the balancing grade is reached.

Vib Xpert EX (intrinsically safe)

High performance intrinsically safe vibration analyzer - fully featured data collector, vibration analyzer and field balancer for easy condition monitoring and troubleshooting of rotating equipment in explosive environments such as petrochemical plants, refineries, offshore oil rigs, etc.