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Light Survey is a cost effective routine survey and we offers complete solution of light survey, in offshore and onshore. We classified light survey based on the Illuminance of work place or manned space. And it is the first step for energy conservation Light surveys will highlight any lighting hazards and risks in the workplace. Typical risks include lighting effects, incorrect design, improper installation, poor maintenance, incorrect disposal, and improper selection of emergency lighting.

Different levels of light are required for different activities. Ideally, lighting at work should be designed for specific tasks carried out by people within that environment. For example, higher light levels are essential for close work where accuracy is essential, such as soldering a control panel, while lower light levels are sufficient for corridors.


Poor lighting and/or the lack of emergency lighting and illuminated signage during power failure or emergency situations can lead to serious workplace incidents. These incidents could affect both workers and others.

Lighting systems should be considered at the design and installation phases should:

  • be able to accommodate changes in work activities and progression of construction
  • ensure the safety of people so that hazards are visible and well lit
  • take types of work task into account
  • create a suitable lit work environment
  • Provide a safe and comfortable visual environment

Sectors we cover

  • Industries
  • Oil and Gas
  • Maritime
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Building
  • Petrochemical Plants

Standards We Follow

  • 1926.56 Occupational Health and Environmental Administration.
  • Abs Crew Habitability On Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
  • Dubai Municipality Regulation For Light Survey


Type of Survey

  • Lack of light
  • Excessive light
  • Energy Conservation
  • Recommendation and Execution plan
  • Energy saving calculation and Implementation

Technical Documents

  • Quantity of lighting fixtures by type per space
  • Existing fixture digital photo index
  • Existing fixture wattages
  • Existing lighting controls
  • Proposed lighting controls
  • Proposed fixture wattages
  • Energy Saving Chart
  • Local Regulation criteria evaluation data sheet