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Our Survey covers

  • Thermographic Survey
  • Noise Survey
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Climate Survey
  • Light Survey

Why Preventive Maintenance Survey?

Preventive Maintenance Survey is a regularly performing survey to meet HSE requirements or Equipment condition monitoring to lessen the likelihood of it failure. Preventative Maintenance Survey usually performed in the normal operating conditions, so that it reduce the chances of unexpected break down.

It is a cost-effective Maintenance program providing surveying, analysis, back-up, repair, and maintenance services that increase the integrity of Machinery Equipments / HSE requirements , resulting in, Reduction of downtime, Increased productivity, Lowered insurance rates, Increased power / work atmosphere quality, Extended equipment life, Maximized energy efficiency, Reduced safety risks.

Our intention is to raise the level of safety and reduction of downtime for a better safe work conditions that minimize downtime due to errors or accidents.

We are performing our Survey without any interruptions in existing activities. Our well experienced in-house Survey Engineer team are available for data signal / image interpretation, trouble shooting, consulting and reporting who can perform the Survey within a short notice.

Infrared Thermographic Survey

  • Electrical Panel Survey
  • HVAC & Plumbing Leak Survey
  • Mechanical equipment condition Monitoring
  • Pipe line Survey
  • Furnace and Pressure Vessel Survey
  • Plant Survey
  • Oil tanker product Survey
  • Heat transfer mapping
  • Building Roof Survey
  • Building Diagnosis & Energy Auditing
  • Aerospace survey
  • Cold Storage Survey

Noise Survey

  • Indoor Noise Survey & Mapping
  • Outdoor Noise Survey & Mapping

Light Survey

  • Energy Conservation Survey
  • Indoor Light Survey & Mapping
  • Outdoor Light Survey & Mapping

Climate Survey

  • Carbon Di Oxide [Co2]
  • Carbon Monoxide [Co]
  • Dust survey
  • % of Outdoor Air survey
  • Air flow measurement
  • Asbestos measurement
  • Air temperature
  • Air Relative Humidity
  • HVAC system survey
  • Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds [BTEX]
  • Mercury Contamination [Hg]
  • Glass wool
  • Asbestos
  • Sulphur Oxide [SOx]
  • Nitrogen oxide [NOx]

Vibration Analysis

  • Whole body vibration analysis
  • Machinery Condition monitoring
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