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Ballast water treatment system Qatar

Ballast water system is meant to provide structural balance and stability to ships during loading and unloading of cargo. This is crucial to enable the stability of the system. A huge amount of water is pumped into the ship or ballasted while the cargo is unloaded and same amount of water is discharged into the ocean or De-ballasted when the cargo is unloaded. Each ship needs its own ballast water treatment system according to the ship type.

Aries marine and engineering services in Qatar have been eminent provider of marine related services for over a decade. Aries marine has already made its signature all over the world due to their consistency and reliability displayed in marine and engineering industry over the last century.

Ballast water ejection into the sea also poses serious environmental concerns. Ballast water taken from one place when dumped into another place causes ecological imbalance as the non-native and inactive life forms like zooplankton, algae and bacteria damage the native species. Ballistic water ejection also causes water pollution, bio invasion, deterioration of local biodiversity. Therefore the system of ballast water treatment should be done with environmental as well as economical concerns in mind.

Aries Marine in Qatar , provide the feasibility study, 3D scanning, engineering and installation support for the installation of ballast water treatment system.