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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Internal rotary inspection system in Qatar

Aries Marine LLC in Qatar are a flagship brand of Aries group, found in 1998 by Sohan Roy. Since then we have been leading players in providing services to Offshore, Oil&Gas, Marine & Industrial sector. Internal rotating inspection systems (IRIS) are one of the most effective ultrasonic inspection systems in use. IRIS is used to detect metallic losses inside the walls of tubes and pipes in industrial applications. Aries Marine uses latest ultrasonic method for internal rotary inspection systems. We adopt a strategy of undertaking projects in a cost effective and time conserving way.

IRIS probe consists of a rotating mirror that directs the ultrasonic beam into the tube wall. The mirror is driven by a small turbine that is rotated by water pressure. As the probe is pulled the spinning motion of the mirror results in a helical scan path. An off-centre pulse will show a distorted image of the tube due to the difference in the sound path for either side of the tube wall.

Aries Marine have a team of highly qualified technicians who can utilize the most advanced form of data analysis.

Some of the advantages of IRIS are:

  • Full sensitivity near tube support structures such as tube sheets
  • Works on all materials.
  • Very accurate wall thickness measurement
  • 100% coverage of the tube
  • Perfect as a backup to electromagnetic testing to verify calibration and accuracy
  • Back up to ECT, RFET and MFL inspection
  • ID & OD defects can be detected.