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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Lifting & Loose Gear Inspection in Qatar

Aries is an accredited member of Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), providing thorough Examination & Third-Party Inspection and Structural Integrity Analysis of Lifting equipment and Lifting accessories as per PUWER and LOLER Standards. We provide a statutory structural integrity inspections/assessment on Lifting and Hoisting equipment as part of client's risk assessment program/annual survey and to meet legal/safety requirements for periodic inspections. Periodic inspection is intended to determine the need for repair or replacement of components to keep the lifting equipment/loose gears and to ensure that the equipment is safe and fit for use with all applicable jurisdictions, standards and regulations. After thorough Inspections/Proof Load testing of lifting equipment with satisfactory result, documents of certifications/third party evaluation assessments can be issued in accordance with the local jurisdictions, standards or those of the destinations of the lifting device.

The spectrum of services

  • LOLER Inspection and Certification for Lifting Equipment & Lifting Machines
  • All types of Cranes like Crawler, Hydraulic Mobil, Overhead, Gantry and Tower Cranes
  • Offshore Cranes
  • Professional Proof Load Testing and Monitoring for Cranes
  • Manufacturer Crane Inspection /Commissioning and Certification
  • Forklift Trucks, Lorry mounted Cranes
  • Periodic Inspections of Lifting Equipment and Lifting Accessories
  • Condition monitoring of Lifting Equipment and Lifting Accessories
  • Commissioning Inspections of Cranes
  • Load testing of Derricks , Life Boat Davits systems, Offshore/ Land Rigs, Vessel and Barges etc.,
  • Inspections of Lifting Tools/Gears
  • Onsite / Offsite Inspection of Pad Eyes
  • Inspections and Certification of Containers, Offshore Baskets, Cargo Baskets.
  • Testing and Certification of Cradles
  • Bollard Testing
  • Ship Lift Inspection
  • Wire rope inspection and certification by non-destructive testing(Magnetic Flux Leakage) method
  • Calibration of test weights and certification
  • Annual Examination / Condition assessment evaluation of structural elements (Track, Support structure), Ride components (Track, wheel spindles, chassis, axles etc.) in Roller Coaster, Honey Bee Swing, Mono rail etc. and it includes NDT/NDE evaluation, Electrical analysis, Functional test, Destructive testing etc.
  • EMAG Inspection


Training courses

  • Crane Operators Certification Program
  • Rigging and Slinging training Program
  • Heavy Equipment Operators Certification Program
  • Banks


Portable Pad Eye testing

Portable Pad Eye Load Tester (Up to 63T) is a specially designed instrument developed for Load testing/Pull Testing of,

  • Pad eyes
  • Foundation bolts
  • Lashing Hooks
  • Runway Beam etc.

Inspection through Rope Access

In fact, we are only company in GCC to perform the load testing of pad eyes through rope access, which would help our end client to reduce the budgetary cost to minimum level by excluding the scaffolding cost involved.


MFL Wire Rope Tester

It is a specially designed instrument developed for nondestructive inspection of wire ropes in the most reliable way. The design of the instrument allows the customer to use. The machine in difficult operating conditions, wherever the rope is installed.

Important features:

  • Designed for inspection of round, flat wire ropes
  • Light weight with small magnetic heads and data logger dimensions
  • Accurate readings and computer processing
  • No special preparation of the rope is required for inspection
  • Speed of rope under test does not affect readings
  • Easy and fast installation on ropes
  • Rugged construction
  • Simple-to-use calibration modes


Our technical and professional resources includes well trained /qualified Inspection Engineers with LEEA and NDT (ASNT/PCN) certification and advanced equipment will be the "One Stop Solution" for the structural integrity Survey of Lifting Equipment / Loose Gears in Offshore, Oil & Gas, Marine, Construction and Power Industries.