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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Aries Marine LLC is well equipped to fulfill all types of marine and offshore survey requirements. The marine and offshore survey division has well experienced personnel with following competencies,

  • Master Mariners
  • Naval Architects
  • Marine Engineers
  • HSE Engineers
  • Lifting Specialists
  • Structural engineers
  • Electrical engineers

Together the team is a one stop shop for all survey and marine warranty needs and can add value to loss prevention activities for ship owners, marine underwriters and EPC/EPIC contractors engaged in the marine and offshore fields. Our specialised knowledge and experience of local rules, regulations, industry standards and trade practices will help you execute your operations safely and efficiently first time, every time.
Whether it is a safety attestation for a small landing craft or comprehensive warranty services for multi-million dollar offshore construction and maintenance campaigns we are able to provide the right solution at the right price.



Utilising the wealth of knowledge and experience of 900 ARIES employees and our extensive network of offices globally we are able to provide seamless marine warranty services for all your needs from simple project cargo loading to method statement approvals for float over topside installations offshore. Some of the typical warranty services we offer are:
Utilising the wealth of knowledge

  • Suitability surveys for entire marine spread - Derrick/Lay barges, AHTs, Cargo barges, Crew boats, DP vessels, Dive boats etc.




  • Method statement approvals for loadouts.
    • Lifted
    • On SPMTs
    • Skidded
    • Wheelbarrow




  • Sailaway/Towage approvals including motion and transportation analysis
  • Approvals for installation operations.
    • Lifted
    • Float-over
  • Approvals for critical lifts.
  • Approvals fo mooring and caternary analysis.
  • Approvals for critical operations - beach pull, subsea PL crossings, hook up operations, HV cargo etc.
  • Project specific "fit for purpose" surveys and approvals.





We offer the following types of surveys,

  • Condition surveys on behalf of P & I clubs
  • Condition surveys on behalf of H & M
  • Periodic marine surveys on behalf of Flag
  • OVID inspections
  • CMID audits



  • On-hire / Off-hire condition surveys
  • On-hire / Off-hire bunker surveys
  • Pre-loading vessel surveys
  • Pre-shipment cargo surveys
  • Project cargo loading/lashing approvals




With its dedicated team of trained surveyors ARIES is able ready to provide you professional surveyors 24 x 7 for any kind of casualty response within the GCC area. Our experienced staff have unhindered access to most of the marine ports and installations in the region thus saving you valuable time in emergency attendances. We regularly attend for following types of Accident/Incident investigations on behalf of H & M underwriters, P & I Clubs, Owners or Charterers.

Type of incidents /damages:
  • Collisions or Allisions
  • Fixed object damages (FOD)
  • Fire
  • Grounding
  • Cargo damage


  • Cargo shortage
  • Cargo contamination
  • Breaches of charterparty terms
  • Navigational incidents
  • Hull and machinery damages




WThe shipyard and/or project risk assessment shall include review and assessment of the actual implementation of the safety management, quality assurance, and quality control of shipyard systems and procedures. We shall execute surveys for checking possible risk in accordance with below aspects:

Type of incidents /damages:
  • Geographical and Environmental Risks
  • General Site Condition
  • Processes and Procedures
  • General Housekeeping
  • Management of Subcontractors
  • Permit to Work Systems
  • Atmospheric Monitoring & Control of Industrial Gases


  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Fire Fighting Capability
  • Shipyard Equipment damages
  • Launching & Sea Trials
  • Site Safety
  • Casualty History
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control of the production process




  • Bollard pull statements.
  • Winch tests.
  • Safety attestations for Local and Flag state authorities.
  • Carving and Marking note attestations.
  • Project related "Fit for purpose" statements / approvals.
  • Project cargo loading/unloading attendance.
  • Pre-purchase inspections.
  • Valuation reports

For further details contact:
Mr. Manjith PV
Dy. Manager – Ship Design & Offshore Engg.
Mob : +971 507295639
Email: design@ariesgroup.ae