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  •  Refurbishments and extensions
  •  Rig Legs deflection analysis
  •  BIM Modeling
  •  Misalignment check between crown block to rotary table
  •  As built drawings/documentation
  •  P&ID, Isometrics drawings
  •  Tank Volume Calculations
  •  Differential settlement survey
  •  Tank inspection as per API 653
  •  Digital Plant/Factory
  •  As built yard layouts
  •  Feasibility study for new equipment’s installation

Laser Scanning is ideal for designing, ship building, restructuring and extending technical and industrial plants such as refineries, power plants and production facilities. 3D scanning in UAE is relatively new and latest.

In principle, the laser scanner works by sending an infrared laser beam into a rotating mirror that deflects the laser beam around the environment being scanned. Whether you require a model for BIM or PDMS our experienced team based in Middle East and Singapore will solve it.

3D scanning resolves the concern of remote and hazardous nature of platforms requiring zero downtime and equipment compatible with all work environments. FARO 3D scanner certifications include EN certification for safety of electrical, laser and EMC compatibility. 

A few of the turnkey solutions our team has provided includes but are not limited to

3D scanning Measurement 

Complex and surfaces can be captured as a dense 3D scan data by the FARO Laser Scanner. This allows to perform non-contact, 3D inspections with ease.

Non-contact 3D scanning from FARO can digitize features such as flush and gap that are difficult to inspect with contact methods. Laser scanning for 3D documentation can be a faster method produces a more comprehensive report. 

Alignment Checks

Alignment checks of derricks and tower can be completed with ease using 3D scanning. The high accuracy ensures that the misalignment of even a 1ο -2ο over a length of 10m can be identified. 3D scanning in UAE is relatively new. The majority of 3D scanning projects in Middle East are carried out by our experienced team. 3d scanning


Reverse Engineering and Inspection

Laser scanning is ideally suited for reverse engineering. Aries has been completing Inspection jobs in Middle East since its inception. 

3D Laser Scanning can be effectively used to map and subsequently deliver

  • As‐Built, Site verified P&IDs
  • As‐Built Intelligent 3D Models
  • As‐Built Piping, Equipment Layouts
  • Accurate Tag Database
  • As‐Built Inspection Isometrics
  • Better Asset Management for maintenance and future expansions.

3d scanning and 3d modeling


Post fabrication and pre fabrication Quality control

Precise 3D scanning and laser scanning inspection of large and complex component such as rotor blades, turbines, ship propellers, etc. has been carried out in and around UAE. Complete 3D documentation of the manufacturing status of machine components can be done.



Pre fabrication dimensioning & CAD conversion

Prefabrication reduces construction times. The 3D scanning ensures accurate dimensioning and hence ensures that no reworks occur for the fabrication. The fabrication methodology in Middle East, and specifically UAE requires instant and accurate results. 3D MODELING CAD conversion - 3d scanning


Avoidance of downtime is the most critical aspect to install any equipment as a retrofit. Hence it is important that the Rig/Vessel/Plant would be able to stay in operation and while the installation is progressing.

To accomplish this, utilization of high accuracy 3D Scanners, in order to scan the available space in detail, and perform clash checks. The 3D scan generates point clouds which in turn are converted to 3D CAD design from which the installation and detailed engineering drawings are made.


Volume measurements

The 3D Laser scanner system measures the volume of large stockpiles, stored out in the open or in large structures like silos, bunkers, domes and sheds for the following applications:

  • Construction – Sand, aggregates, cement, stones
  • Mining - for ore stockpiles, particularly for expensive metals like gold, silver and platinum
  • Fertilizers - for granular type fertilizers; potash, urea ...
  • Food and agriculture - sugar, grains
  • Coal bunkers at power plants
  • Other bulk chemicals

By its accurate laser technology into a network of scanning instruments, complex surfaces can be mapped accurately.
Ship Tank Calibration
Ship Tank Calibration.png
Storage Tank Calibration Storage tank calibration.png

A team of more than 40 technicians and associated 3D scanning equipment ensures timely attendance to the clients’ needs. The team of technicians scattered worldwide in all major hubs ensure rapid mobilization to meet all job requirements. Projects involving 3D scanning in UAE are completed with a few days turnaround time.

Cost effective solutions tailor-made to suit your needs with the latest to offer in terms of equipment or technical support team, that is our promise to the industry.

Deformation Survey

Deformation Survey

Rig Leg Damage Survey


Rig Leg Damage Survey
Rig Leg Damage Survey



Ship Hull as Built

Ship Hull as built
Ship Hull as built


Well Head Platform



Well Head platform
Well Head platform



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