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Aries Marine and Engineering Services

New Construction / Fabrication Inspection Supports

New construction/ Fabrication Inspection Supports

  •  Inspection and Testing during the Manufacturing Phase
  •  Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection
  •  Pressure Vessel Inspection
  •  Piping Inspection
  •  Project Management & Consultancy for storage tanks and related piping
  •  Welder Qualification Witnessing, Welding Procedure Preparation, Welder Certificate Renewal
  •  Hydro test witnessing, Pneumatic test witnessing
  •  Dimensional inspection, Structural alignment and bolt tightening inspection
  •  Coating condition monitoring services
  •  Powder coating inspection behalf of client
  •  Blasting and coating inspection along with chloride and visual test as per client spec as a TPI
  •  Galvanizing inspection and reports endorsement as a TPI inspection agency
  •  Material receiving inspection and report submission as a TPI agency
  •  MTC review and Mechanical test witness for material up gradation from 3.1 to 3.2
  •  Industrial integrity test like boiler (Fired and unfired) and other upstream lines
  •  Factory acceptance test (FAT) / Site acceptance test (SAT) witnessing and endorsement
  •  Stage wise witness and report submission according to ITP as a TPI Agency
  •  Quality audit to subcontractor behalf of client
  •  Quality plan, ISO documentation preparation for client
  •  Rotating equipment alignment inspection
  •  Project final dossier/ Manufacturer data report (MDR) review and endorsement as a TPI