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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


  • Stock Verification Survey
  • Rig Inspection
  • OCTG Drill Pipe | Tubular | OES Inspection
  • EMI Inspection
  • Visual Tube Body/ Tread Inspection and OD Gauge
  • Derrick and Mast Inspection
  • Rope Access Inspection

OCTG Inspection [Oil Country Tubular Goods]

Aries OCTG Inspection division is a global service provider for inspection, testing and certification services in an oil field industry backed by extensive experienced inspection engineers and technicians, we offers cost effective and timely services to our clients for smooth, safe and profitable operations of their facilities.

Our inspection and testing services includes identification of Potential damage/Deterioration mechanism, Crack identification and thickness monitoring etc.

For rig, pipe and Tubular inspections, we are applying non destructive testing method which will not destroy the testing equipments.

Rig Inspection

Rig inspection includes visual inspection, thickness measurements, magnetic inspection(yoke method) for detection of surface, subsurface cracks of drilling mast, hoisting and drilling equipments, sub base, pipe elevators, slips, tongs, sheaves, weldments of high pressure pipelines.

OCTG Drill Pipe|Tubular|EMI Inspection

Aries marine inspection division provides a variety of Drill Pipe/OCTG Inspection Services depending on customers’/Manufactures recommendation and requirements; we have well qualified in house technical manpower that are capable/Qualified for performing inspection ranging from BASIC/API standards to critical well service standards i.e.DS-1/NS-2.

We do visual/dimensional inspection of Drill pipes/Casing/Tubing/BHA tools/HWDPS/Rig parts and Handling equipment’s in order to confirm acceptability as per required standards Eg:-API RP7G/TH Hill DS-1/NS-2 etc.

We have full length EMI inspection pipe surface inspection units from Newtek systems, which are capable of detecting transverse and 3 dimensional flaws such as pits, seams and gouges.We are providing the inspection services to Drilling contractor’s/IOC’S/Rental services/manufacture’s etc, Like-Transocean’s, Ocean rigs, Halls worthy, Ensco etc.

Our certified Drill Pipe Inspection/Tubular Inspection Engineers shall conduct periodic inspection in regular interval of time based on past inspection/failure history and drilling condition.


To assure the quality of drill pipe and equipments Aries inspection will provide:
Vendor inspection:
Visual inspection of pipe external and internal surface for possible noticeable damages, such as dents, mashes corrosions/pits etc, tubes are checked for straightness.
Visual Thread Inspection:
Visually evaluated for any damages, dents, corrosion, any mechanical damages, Thread profile gauges are used to estimate the visual gaps at any of the flanks or thread roots.
OD Gauge (Full length):
Full length mechanical measurement of outside diameter is performed for identification of external wear, dents, mashes, slip area and stress induced diameter variations.
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI):
Pipe is magnetized with DC magnetizing coil with longitudinal magnetization with for detection of transverse cracks.
Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI):
Full body EMI inspection is used to detect the transverse defects.
Ultrasonic Examination (UT):
Ultrasonic examination of upset areas for detection of transverse and three dimensional flaws on the inside and outside of the tubes.
Hardness Testing:

  • Portable hardness tester to perform the hardness testing on pipes.
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement (Compression wave techniques).
  • Values for downgrading a pipe due to wall thickness loss are set by the customer or inspected to comply with standards conforming to API RP7, T.H.Hill DS1 categories.

Rope Access Inspection

With our own team of IRATA qualified rope access personnel, Aries have the capability to expand any of our broad range of inspections to most vertical areas inaccessible by standard methods, therefore removing the requirements of alternative, generally costly and disruptive methods of access.

For further details contact:
Mr. Ganesh Babu
Assistant General Manager
Mob : 00971 - 50 - 2125941
Email: inspection@ariesgroup.ae