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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Ship designers Qatar

Aries marine had been in the forefront of ship designing and building in Qatar for almost over a decade. We have been providing top quality marine engineering services to clients on a global basis. We have completed many successful projects with international clients.  We utilize our experience from former successful projects we gained from various enterprises and individuals.

We also make use of the feedback obtained from vessel operators and equipment manufacturers, to enhance design capabilities and develop safe and efficient designs for our clients. We give priority to safety first, client requirements next and efficiency next. At Aries marine, we believe in making use of all the resources available to reach perfection. Performance is our key specialty. Aries marine has a great team of industry experts and engineers with skill and experience in marine fields.

Our core processes include

  • Hull from design and optimization
  • Detailed  technical specialization
  • Finalized general arrangement
  • Hydrostatics & stability calculations
  • Main scanting computations
  • Structural design
  • Equipment selection
  • Machinery design
  • Piping system design
  • Electrical design
  • Safety and navigation
  • Documentation