Aerial Unmanned survey Aerial unmanned survey

The industry is ever striving to use innovative design and technologies which reduces environmental risks and potential loss of life, thus promoting more environmentally friendly operations. Aries AUS division offers a range of survey services using customized drones which has wide range of applications and functionalities including visual inspections, thermographic inspections, 3D scanning etc.

We provide unique blend of aerial mapping and land survey expertise to produce detail site assessments, terrain modelling and visual assessment. We also provide roof survey, aerial photography and filming services. We provide the unique feature of our own advanced 3D scanning techniques combined with UAV survey using inhouse customized drones.

We have certified UAV operators and have necessary approvals for performing surveys from government authorities in GCC region and are approved service provider for surveys using drones for many classification societies.

Drone surveys are carried out in various applications and sectors including,

  •  Marine
  •  Offshore/Onshore
  •  Civil
  •  Transport
  •  Aviation
  •  Power
  •  Agriculture
  •  Telecommunication
  •  Industries
  •  Filming