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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Digital/Computed Radiography in Saudi Arabia

Aries Marine Services Est. in Saudi Arabia provides Digital/Computed Radiography. Digital Radiography is the imaging technique used to view the internal structure of an object. With the advancement of technology, we developed digital radiography where we use digital sensors and receptors instead of conventional films. This new method enables the digital handling and transferring of obtained images and increases the reliability by tenfold.


Reduces exposure

X ray image enhancement

The quality of images increases

No need to file and store hard copy of images

Increased productivity

Improved efficiency

Lesser time required to manage images

Images can be generated quickly

With the advent of digital radiography   X ray imaging became a lot more sophisticated in post processing, electronic archiving, concurrent access to images, and improved data distribution.

Aries Marine Services Est. in Saudi Arabia has been working on the scope of digital radiography for quite some time and developed modern methodologies for the efficient and cheap ways of X ray imaging.