Aries offer complete electrical and automation solutions for Marine and Offshore projects, managing the complete life cycle from design to execution, service and maintenance
Electrical and Instrumentation Electrical and Instrumentation

Aries has developed strengths in conceptual, basic and detailed design in the field of Electrical, Instrumentation and Telecom (EIT) for Marine & Offshore sectors. Our focus is to help achieve the right balance in terms of design and operational capability for the vessel or facility. We possess in-house competence for core activities in conceptual design, detailed design, engineering solutions, control circuit schematics, specification development, project engineering support etc. Our network of technical experts & inspectors offers best-in-class verification services, giving our customers complete confidence that their plans, procedures and assets will meet regulatory, and operational requirements at all times. Aries can deliver total solutions, from system conception, engineering to supply & installation, to testing and commissioning in the fields of electrical engineering, automation and instrumentation. Engineering services in EIT includes,

  •  Detailed design & Engineering solutions
  •  Control circuit schematics
  •  Specification development
  •  Power system design
  •  Load balance analysis
  •  Third party design review
  •  Tender evaluation
  •  Project engineering support
  •  Equipment FAT, CAT, SAT procedures
  •  Final as-fitted drawings post repair
  •  DP FMEA assistance for proving & annual trials
  •  DP Design review/ Redundancy analysis
  •  DP Gap analysis

The process department relies on accurate instrumentation and measurement for competent performance. Our calibration experts understand the role of even the least significant figures in the world of process flow and measurement. The satisfied clientele in Middle East and Far East vouch over and above for the excellent services delivered. Our services are listed and not limited to below,

  •  Transmitters
  •  Detectors
  •  Sensors
  •  Control & Monitoring devices
  •  Flow meters

Meggar testing in the marine and offshore sector providing competent results and zero downtime is one of our core competencies.

To ensure quality of the services offered and to provide a complete packaged solution to our esteemed clientele we have ventured into the field of trading. Warehouse spaces in all emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi, ensures a solid base in Middle East and operating bases from Malaysia, China, India and Singapore ensure the Far east presence too. This ensures quality instruments and equipment sourced with least hassles and avoids delays and downtime. We cater to the trading industry with and independent company within our consortium ensuring experience in the field of trading and protecting the clients’ interests when dealing with the traders.

General electrical trading handled directly from our end includes and are not limited to,

  •  Switchboard
  •  Starters & Drives
  •  Integrated automation systems
  •  Consoles
  •  Generators
  •  Transformers
  •  Deck machineries
  •  Communication systems
  •  Explosion proof bulk material
  •  Lux survey
  •  Communication survey
  •  Third party survey

Meggar testing in the marine and offshore sector providing competent results and zero downtime is one of our core competencies.

Miscellaneous surveys meeting the requirements of the marine sector are completed by our competent and experienced team. Below is a list of few of the surveys offered.

  •  Thermography
  •  Power Quality Analysis
  •  Lux survey
  •  Communication survey
  •  Third party survey