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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Loading Software Saudi

Aries Marine Saudi offer marine consultance, out of which provision of loading software is one of the major services offered. Aries Marine and Engineering Services undertake loading software for specific vessels and specific operations. The software is tailor made for each type of vessels.

Aries Marine Engineering and Service in Saudi offer loading software which is easy to operate and user friendly. Proper training is also offered with the software, enabling the ship staff to be conversant with the software and use it for day to day operations.

The loading software provided in Saudi is designed to operate with a user interactive graphical environment. The user works on the actual vessel plan, screens are self-explanatory, have a consistent format and provide easy access to information required to a given task. It can be used on board as well as in office as independent systems.

Aries Marine in Saudi, the software is approved by all major classification societies. We have worked with ships under class ABS, DNV, LR, BV and so on. The software covers the major loading conditions encountered during ship operation. Customized and emergency conditions can be simulated by varying the variable parameters. These are available for various types of vessels.

Specialized versions are available in Saudi

  1. Bulk carriers and dry cargo
  2. Tankers – LNG carriers
  3. Offshore support vessels
  4. Ro-Ro & passengers ships
  5. Container ships
  6. Chemical ships
  7. LPG ships
  8. Floating cranes

Features of loading software in Saudi

  • Cargo densities, definition and conversion
  • Interactive graphical profile and plan views of the vessels and compartments.
  • Display of the actual loading condition and calculated results on the vessel plans
  • Stores and consumables
  • Tanks loading by sound weight volume or percentage
  • Full validation of user inputs
  • Stability analysis
  • Loading summary, block unloading of a selected load
  • Trim check
  • GZ-Theta graphical stability curve
  • Damage Stability, check actual GM/KG against predefined limiting curves