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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Project Management in Saudi

Aries Marine and Engineering Services in Saudi provide project management for Marine facilities, including some of the world’s largest projects. Our service covers marine survey, construction methodology, site supervision, programming and planning, contract management, quality control, and safety. In addition, Aries Marine in Saudi can extend the project management service to cover the lifecycle of the project from concept to commissioning.

Project management in Aries Marine

  1. Medusa Spar Hull Project

Aries Marine was the owner’s representative for the structural engineering and welding inspection throughout the project that was successfully completed on October 2002. Medusa Spar is well constructed and fully managed by the Murphy Oil Crop operators the field.

  1. Front Runner Spar Hull Project

J. Ray McDermott has completed and handed over the front-runner spar platform and has received acceptance from the customer, Murphy Exploration and Production Company-USA, a subsidiary of Murphy Oil.

Aries Marine in Saudi was the owner’s representative for the structural engineering and welding inspection throughout the project, with proper management the project was completed on October 2003, this was a similar project of Medusa Spar Hull.

  1. Technical Evaluation Of Bids

Aries Marine in Saudi is checking the solicitation of goods and work procurement with the requirement confirming. Aries marine in Saudi deals with all requirements related to that and the client department is responsible for the technical evaluation of the bid.

  1. Project Coordination

Project coordination complete fabrication design and shop drawings for bureau Verities class approval with nesting for the self-propelled floating restaurant. The project was successfully completed in March 2003

Aries Marine in Saudi dealing the planning and managing multiple tasks simultaneously and our entire team successfully coordinating the entire project in the beginning to end.

  1. Dry Dock Superintendency

Aries Marine was the owner’s representative for steel superintendence at Dubai Dry Docks project completed on 2005.

Aries Marine in Saudi provide training covering the function of a superintendence during docking of a vessel