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Aries Marine and Engineering Services

3D Scanning Oman

The sea trade is one of the most   prominent cornerstones of Oman’s economy. Aries marine has been providing its marine and engineering service to Oman for over eighteen years.  We employ 3d scanning as an effective method for designing, and restructuring ships, refineries as well as plants. 3d scanning is proven to be a vast and heavily useful method to analyses the design and dimensions of marine and industrial structures. We can apply 3d scanning for a variety of areas in ship manufacturing and industrial engineering

3d Scanning for Alignment checks

3d scanning can be used for checking misalignment of towers or related objects in marine and industries. Even the slightest misalignment can be accurately detected and measured

3d Scanning for Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering means the reproduction of an object by disintegrating it into its components and studying them. 3d scanning helps in the accurate recreation of equipments. It can be used to map and deliver 

  • As‐Built, Site verified P&IDs
  • As‐Built Intelligent 3D Models
  • As‐Built Piping, Equipment Layouts
  • Accurate Tag Database
  • As‐Built Inspection Isometrics


3d Scanning for Retrofitting

3D scanning is an effective tool in understanding the structural and dimensional whereabouts of a   component or system for the purpose of retrofitting. This is done by creating a very detailed and accurate 3d point cloud model and then registering and integrating them together. Aries marine has a team of good and experienced engineers who can do this expertly. Retrofitting of components is a very important step in marine and industrial manufacturing.

3d Scanning for Volume measurements

Often a large amount of volume of materials is stored in big structures and these needs to be measured accurately. Laser scanning can be used for this.

  • Tanks
  • Silos
  • Storage spaces
  • Ship tanks


The vessels that are used for sea trade should be flawless in its design and dimensions.  Proper measurement of storage spaces is necessary. Aries marine is equipped to give you optimum solution for all the manufacturing details through 3d scanning.