The value of large institutional assets including property, facilities, and equipment in the upstream and downstream oil and gas is in the trillions of dollars. The effective management of the maintenance of such large capital assets and platforms is very complex. The routine maintenance schedules, modifications and refurbishments are challenging with respect to time as well as planning.
digital asset management

The maintenance of these assets generally requires budget allocation which is to be planned in advance. Given such significant annual spending, there is a constant demand for tools and services that can better allocate resources to asset maintenance activities. To effectively allocate maintenance spending in an optimized way, a comprehensive and ONE-stop solution is required.

VAM is a perfect tool for such asset management in a visual way. It is a browser-based database application that allows you to visualize and manage all existing digital file formats via drag and drop in a visual way. An advanced laser 3D Scanner is used for generating point clouds data of the asset and then developed into a 3D model. The 3D model can then be enriched with the details of the equipment, part and model number, scheduled maintenance dates etc. The projects can be edited, viewed and published locally or over the internet or intranet on devices ranging from laptops to mobile phones. All digital assets, such as photos, fully spherical images, 3D models, documents, audio files, videos, laser-scan data, maps and many more file types can be stored in the visual environment.

VAMS provides a more cost-effective and flexible alternative to archive huge data, and we pride ourselves in our ability to create a custom solution tailored to each client’s specific needs, location, timeline and budget.