offshore asset life extension studies

Aries provides various services related to asset integrity and assets life extension. The engineering assessment for asset life extension normally have to consider various factors including wear and tear, degradation, fatigue damage, changes in environment, changes in operational aspects, corrosion protection, changes in design basis, possible strengthening options, development of periodic inspection philosophy etc. Various analyses including Global strength analysis, Fatigue Analysis, Pushover analysis etc. are undertaken as part of such asset Life Extension studies. Whenever requirement arises, various other services like 3d scanning and intelligent engineering solutions offered by Aries are used in asset Life extension studies.

  •  A-SAMS is a program to ensure structure is fit for operation/utilization for an extended lifetime.
  •  The program gives credit to the structural utilization and global stresses for renewal recommendations as opposed to current industry practice.
  •  It includes re-appraisal of the structure incorporating original design and existing condition
  •  It includes various aspects like gauging, 3-D scanning, FE analysis, class rule requirement studies, etc.
  •  Gives an edge for asset owners by maximizing the structural utility