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Ballast Water Treatment System - Oman

Ballast water system is to help ships maintain trim, heel and stability during loading, unloading and sailing.  It is crucial to ensure the stability of ships. A huge amount of water is pumped into the ship or ballasted while the cargo is unloaded and same amount of water is discharged into the ocean or De ballasted when the cargo is loaded.  

Oman is a country where a lot of sea trade is happening and is crucial to the economy. Therefore, ballast water technology and its effects should be studied.

Ballast water ejection into sea water pose serious threat to marine life form. It can cause serious ecological imbalance.

Ballast water taken from one place when dumped into another place cause ecological imbalance as the non-native life forms like zooplankton, algae and bacteria damage the native species. Some of the bad effects of ballistic water expulsion are:

  • Bio invasion
  • Pollution
  • Deterioration of local biodiversity
  • Repercussions in economy

Therefore ballast water treatment is of utmost importance. The authorities have therefore set up rules and regulations stating that every ship in international waters should have proper ballast water treatment system installed. It is therefore very important for shipping companies to enable proper water treatment system.

Aries marine has a good history of research and innovation in this area. We make exclusive research on the types of water treatment system or their combinations each ship needs.

There are several ways for a good ballast water treatment system.  Some of them are:

  • Physical separation
  • Ultraviolet treatment
  • Cavitation treatment
  • Electric pulse system
  • Thermal treatment
  • Magnetic field treatment

Installing proper ballast water treatment system is crucial for the ships safety, preserving ecological balance and saving the economy. We will do it for you in the most perfect way.

The ballast water treatment system installation services by Aries Marine Saudi involves the following :

  • 3D Scanning
  • Feasibility Study
  • Equipment selection
  • Design drawings for class approval
  • 3D model
  • Shop fabrication drawings
  • Installation and commissioning assistance