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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Electrical and instrumentation

Electrical and instrumentation is the study, design, control and implementation of devices that can measure physical quantities. There is a vast requirement of concepts for the proper installation of electrical devices. There are a large number of physical quantities that needs to be properly measured like pressure, volume, flow, temperature etc.  in marine engineering.

A marine engineer has to analyses, plan, design and device elements that are used in the identification of accurate measurement of values.

 Aries Marine and Engineering Services has good history of completing many successful projects of electrical and instrumentation implementation in Oman. We have a great team of experienced and skilled engineers who perform routine and emergency maintenance on analog electrical, electronic and pneumatic equipment used to collect, process and record data. We also do periodic inspections, EX surveys, testing and calibration of equipment, basically everything that need to be done in the proper operation of process instrumentation and control systems.  We also conduct safety tests for ensuring the proper operation of fire detectors, gas explosives and other hazardous equipment. 

Some of our onsite services include :

  • Power and control system support and maintenance
  • Vessel conversions support             
  • Fire detection systems
  • Gas detection systems
  • Alarm monitoring systems
  • Tank gauging systems
  • Communication systems
  • Navigational and bridge systems
  • Control and monitoring systems
  • Water ballast treatment systems
  • Bilges systems
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic tubing lines
  • Propulsion and thruster controls support and maintenance
  • Installation, commissioning, planning, procedures, witnessing


Proper calibration of devices is very important in any industrial process. Calibration is a process of graduating the output of the equipment against one or more known values. The process of calibration is absolutely necessary for accurate measurement of physical quantities.

Aries marine has been serving the onshore and offshore businesses in Oman for the past few years .we are a well established unit of skilled workforce and resources. We boast about a long list of happy and satisfied clients over the years.