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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Ex Survey In Oman

Why EX survey?

Ex inspection is a very important task to be undertaken in facilities and plants that involve explosive or potentially combustible equipment or electrical devices. Ex inspection ensures that the equipment and machinery used are hazard free and the environment inside the facility is safe and smooth.

Gas explosions in production facilities offshore and industrial plants are a major cause of loss of life and property.  The major causes of such explosions are poorly maintained or damaged electrical and instrumentation equipment.  News of such accidents in industrial workplaces is devastating. Therefore it is very important that proper EX inspection be done and done with extreme care by experienced engineers.


Aries marine in Oman

Aries marine engineering services have been providing marine related services in Oman for several years. We are known to be consistent, reliable and being equipped with a highly experienced team of engineers.  Our engineers have a deep knowledge in ex surveys and installation of electrical devices based on our own work history. We have done so many projects for our previous clients and we are well equipped to handle any surprising scenarios.

How Ex Survey  done

Oman has a great industry of encouraging many onshore and offshore marine projects and businesses. It supports tons of marine based manufacturing industries here. Aries marine has been major service providers to Oman for a good deal of time now. We have done several projects in Ex inspection and our workforce is well equipped and sophisticated.

We have CompEX certified engineers for doing the EX Surveys. We supply inspection services to all kinds of marine equipment and even see to the tiniest electrical detail, while still fulfilling the clients’ independent needs and concerns. The inspectors visit the site and inspect the equipments in accordance to rule requirements. A report of inspection will be provided listing the equipments, compliance status and recommendations.

A rectification survey is also offered to clients to ensure that the recommendations are incorporated and the faulty equipments are rectified to compliance level.

We comply with rules

There are a large number of international rules and regulations for proper safety management of production facilities. We comply with every one of them. We follow all major industry standards while seeing to the perfect detection, analysis and installation of electrical devices and equipment. Surveys being done by CompEx certified engineers