corrosion mapping corrosion mapping
Automated and Semi Automated Hydro FORM Corrosion Mapping:

Hydro FORM is a phased array ultrasonic inspection technique used for precision corrosion mapping in ferrous and non-ferrous components. Hydro FORM utilizes a water column similar to immersion testing, which is filled with a slow flowing water and a consumable gasket that adjusts to the curvature of the pipe components to retain the water height and pressure, eliminating the need for additional curvature wedges. Being an immersion technique with gate synchronization software, Hydro FORM has enormous advantage over conventional UT which include improved near surface resolution, improved depth resolution + 0.1mm, better defect characterization using C-Scan, B-Scan, S-Scan imaging of the digitized A-Scan. When used with automated scanner Navic 2, Accuscan faster corrosion mapping is possible on pipelines, pressure vessels, offshore process piping.