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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Light Survey in Oman

Light Survey & Energy saving survey are cost effective routine survey. Aries Global Company LLC in Oman offers complete solution of light survey, in Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas Industry. We classified light survey based on the IL luminance of work place or manned space. And it is the first step for energy conservation.

Type of survey

  •  Lack of light
  •  Excessive light
  •  Energy Conservation
  •  Recommendation and Execution plan
  •  Energy saving calculation and Implementation


 Technical documents

  •  Building specification and survey plan identification
  •  Quantity of lighting fixtures by type per space
  •  Existing fixture digital photo index
  •  Existing fixture wattages
  •  Existing lighting controls
  •  Proposed lighting controls
  •  Proposed fixture wattages
  •  Existing operating hours
  •  Proposed operating hours
  •  New fixture descriptions
  •  Energy Saving Chart
  •  Local Regulation criteria evaluation data sheet
  •  Ceiling types / Height
  •  KW / KWH savings

 Measurement capabilitites

  •  CRI (color rendering index)
  •  Illuminance /Lux
  •  Spectral Irradiance
  •  CIE 1931 x, y coordinates
  •  CIE 1976 UCS uv coordinates
  •  Peak Wavelength
  •  Dominant Wavelength
  •  CCT (correlated color temperature)