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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Marking Services in Qatar

Aries Global Company in Oman provides marking services complying with various standards like ASME A13.1, BS1710, RLCGL/002/2004, ISO-14726, NR-26, IIAR bulletin #114, NOM 062 etc. The services we provide include:

  • Safety signs
  • PVC slide-in pictograms
  • Safety/ operational signs
  • Evacuation and first aid signs
  • Construction adhesive (IMO safety signs)
  • Photo luminescent signs for evacuation and escape


  • Pipe marking
  • Coiled plastic markers
  • Duct markers
  • Flow directional arrow tape
  • Medical gas markers
  • Economy pipe markers
  • Adhesive roll markers
  • Color banding tape


  • Logistics labelling
  • Pre-cut oil board stencils
  • Reusable plastic stencils


  • Area marking
  • Valve tag identification
  • Lockout tag out
  • High performance stainless steel cable markers
  • Self- laminating accident prevention tags