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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Remote Field Eddy Current Technique (RFET) in Oman

Aries Global Company LLC in the Sultanate of Oman provides Remote Field Eddy Current Technique (RFET). It is predicated on the transmission of an electromagnetic field through the tube material. The exciter coil generates eddy currents at low frequency within the circumferential direction. The magnetic attraction field transmits through the thickness and travels to the outer diameter of receiver coil that is placed within the remote field zone. In this Zone, the wall current supply dominates the first field directly from the exciter. The RFET is usually used for detection of wall loss in steel Tubes. RFET can detect loss from tube support plate and tube sheet, localized corrosion/ erosion and inspect ferromagnetic materials.

Aries Global Company LLC in Oman is capable to perform testing Remote Field Eddy Current Testing services in Power Plants, Oil and Gas refineries, Onshore & Offshore facilities.


The advantages of Remote Field Eddy Current Testing:

  • Requires no contact with the test subject
  • Large area of testing coverage
  • High sensitivity to distinct wall thickness variance