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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Rope Access In Oman

Aries, a full member of IRATA, is a leading Engineering and Inspection organization, providing Engineering, Inspection & Maintenance services to the Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Civil Construction and Structural Maintenance Industries worldwide. Honed with years of experience, we have developed our capabilities to provide extensive inspection /maintenance management services to the industry.

Rope access is swiftly becoming a preferred method of carrying out inspections, tests and maintenance in various industries across the globe. It allows safe and rapid access to remote locations for a wide range of inspection, testing and structural engineering functions. The versatility of rope access services permits flexible and comprehensive service on the inspection and structural maintenance programs. Since, rope systems are unobtrusive, it benefits clients who wish to retain the visual integrity of the structure during inspection or maintenance works.

Aries personnel are professionally trained and certified by IRATA and we are being operated under the guidelines and the international code of practice of IRATA.


Services we offer in Oman

Inspection services

  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement surveys with cyclops
  • Close visual inspections
  • Aerial surveys
  • Nondestructive testing
    • Magnetic particle inspection
    • Ultrasonic flaw detection, thickness gauging
    • Liquid penetrant inspection
    • Eddy current inspection
    • ACFM inspection (alternating field current measurement)
    • Dye penetrant test
  • Baseline survey
  • Risk based inspection
  • Hull integrity surveys
  • Lifting surveys and inspections
  • Dropped object surveys
  • Derrick surveys (API-RP-4G)
  • Flare stack/ radio tower inspections
  • Riser/well head inspections
  • Structural Integrity Inspections
  • Thermography surveys


Structural Maintenance Services

  • Corrosion control services
  • Ultrahigh pressure (40kpsi) coating removal and application
  • Anode installation/replacements
  • HP Washing & Cleaning
  • Welding and fabrication services
  • Jack up leg structural/weld defect rectification
  • Rigging and lifting services
  • Installation of Aircraft warning lights
  • Bolt tightening and torqueing
  • Insulation, installation and repairs
  • Structural installation on high rise buildings
  • Lightning conductor installation/removal
  • Derrick repairs /dismantling
  • DROPS rectification
  • Electrical installation and maintenance
  • Flare tip removal and maintenance
  • Storage tank maintenance
  • Ships accommodation paintings
  • Bridge surveys/ repairs/ maintenance