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Thermography In Oman

Thermography is an NDT method to record the surface temperature. It senses heat emitted from the surface of an object in the form of infrared radiation. Aries Globa Company LLC in Oman offers fast and cost-effective way to locate faults with no disruption to the running of your business. Our highly experienced surveyors are capable for evaluating and interpreting thermal images. We offer different applications of thermal survey

Electrical Inspection

 Thermography is an advanced preventative maintenance program for Electrical System, We provide thermography scan of all electrical systems to identify too hot or too cold areas. Thermal imaging is used for visualizing the electrical faults. Thermal imagers capture fully radiometric infrared images using IR-Fusion® technology.

Types of Troubleshooting

  •  High resistance connections
  •  Over loaded cables, fuses & breakers
  •  Motors & conveyor bearing failure
  •  Phase load imbalance
  •  Thermal insulation breakdown (hot or cold)
  •  Thermal loss
  •  Detecting loose or corroded electrical connections
  •  Inspecting substation and switchgear.
  •  Monitoring pumps, fans, compressors.
  •  Monitoring transformers
  •  Predictive maintenance, trouble shooting, installation
  •  Printed circuit boards checking


Mechanical & Industrial Inspection

Thermography Survey of mechanical equipment covers a wide variety of systems, everything from motors, rotating equipment, steam traps, water traps, refractory, and tank levels and more. Most of these inspections de-emphasize taking absolute temperature measurements and instead concentrate on comparing overall thermal patterns to understand the asset’s health.


  •  Rotating mechanical equipment’s
  •  Furnace Inspection
  •  Plant Survey
  •  Storage tank product survey

VOC Leak Detection

Emission of fugitive gases source identification is a part of LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) program. Fugitive gas emissions may be 50% of total hydrocarbon emission from a process plant. It may leads to loss of companies profit and against QHSE policies.


Building Inspection

Building Roofing Inspections

Infrared roof survey is a technique used for identifying trapped moisture problems in roofs. IR roof inspection techniques help the building owners from severe damages. Infrared roof surveys provide the diagnostic information necessary for developing an effective roof maintenance program, and for making informed decisions when considering roof repairs, replacement or resurfacing with one of the popular new roof coatings.

Building Leak Detection

Infrared Leak detection is a technique used for identity poor or inadequate insulation, moisture, building envelope leaks, insulation quality, plumping defects, Energy efficiency and substandard work can be identified.

Energy Conservation Survey

Using IR technique we can identify excessive air leakage, leakage pathways and air Tightness of rooms, Energy losses in buildings through chimneys, attics, wall vents and badly sealed windows/doors. Buildings can be climate controlled more efficiently and end result shall be conserve of energy, time and money.

HVAC Survey

IR techniques enables scan of an entire HVAC system and ducts of a building and identify the leaks.