heat exchanger heat exchanger

Our experienced crew, with the help of high pressure lancing equipment up to 15000 psi and multi-functional nozzles and can carry out descaling of boiler tubes, Condenser/ heat exchangers of any size at any locations within the customer specified time limit.

  •  High pressure lancing of boiler/ condenser tubes to remove dust and debris
  •  Descaling of tubes with chemical circulation.
  •  Mechanical Work (blinding / de-blinding and opening / closing)
  •  Hydro jetting tubes, internally & externally
  •  Outside / Outside Bundle Cleaning
  •  Scale contamination reporting
  •  Condition survey & reporting.

  •  Highly experienced crew with marine & industrial knowledge
  •  Support from highly qualified inspection team with State of the art equipment
  •  Timely project completion with utmost safety.
  •  Armed with all necessary equipment like high pressure pumps, fiber impeller pumps & lancing machines