An Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) is a document which provide ship-specific information on the actual hazardous materials present on board in order to protect health and safety of the crew, and to protect health and safety of workers at ship recycling facilities and avoid environmental pollution when the ship is going for recycling.

It is mandatory for all ships larger than 500 tonnes to keep an IHM. The inventory replaces the Green Passport, adopted in the Hong Kong International Convention in 2009, and is a requirement by the EU Ship Recycling Regulation 2013.

Aries is an approved service provider for carrying out IHM surveys for many classification societies. We provide the following as part of IHM services:

  •  Collection of necessary information and documentation
  •  Visual/ Sampling Check Plan
  •  On board verification and collection of samples by HazMat experts
  •  Collected samples sent for analysis in an accredited laboratory
  •  IHM report prepared by our trained and certified personnel

  1.  Submission of reports to Class Society and request for SOC
  2.  Verification survey carried out onboard by Class
  3.  Basic result of survey and SOC issued by Class