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Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) In Oman

Magnetic particle testing is a NDT technique used to detect surface flaws in ferrous materials and their alloys.  This is done by inducing a magnetic field in the specimen to be tested using electric current.

The creation of Magnetic Field may be done by either using a permanent magnet to the surface or passing a large electric current through the specimen. We can also induce magnetization by making the specimen the second loop of a transformer and inducing magnetic field there by it. The electric current used should be sufficient to produce adequate magnetization.

Aries Global Company LLC provides MPT service in Oil & Gas Industry, Petrochemical, Industrial Pipes, Structural Steel Industry etc.

The steps we follow in magnetic particle testing process are:

  • Pre-cleaning of component
  • Introduction of magnetic field
  • Application of magnetic media
  • Interpretation of magnetic particle integration

Advantages of Magnetic particle testing (MPT)

  • Detect both surface and near subsurface indications
  • Can inspect parts with irregular shapes easily
  • Fast method of inspection and indications are visible directly on surface
  • Low cost compared to many other NDT techniques
  • Very sensitive test method
  • Detect tight in-service fatigue cracks in rotating parts or creep cracks on steam piping
  • Easy to use and requires minimal amount of training