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Inspection Equipment


Building on the success of the Floormap3D with STARS top and bottom defect discrimination, continuous research and development has resulted in the most advanced Magnetic Flux Leakage MFL tank bottom inspection scanner theFloormap3Di. The new system introduces:
MFLi (intensity) - advanced search and verification tool
Dynamic cursor - advanced defect sizing and classification tool


Key Benefits:

  •  Auditable inspection data
  •  Full tank floor mapping
  •  Full data recording
  •  High probability of detection
  •  Inspection confidence
  •  Field proven durability & reliability

Key Benefits:

  •  High Resolution 64 channel sensor arrays to maximise detection capability
  •  256 individual sensors for 4.6 x 2 mm scanning resolution
  •  Advanced signal processing and defect classification tools
  •  Through coating inspection up to 6 mm including FRP, GRP and SS
  •  USB based, simplified data transfer
  •  Digital calibration for different plate thicknesses
  •  Battery powered, no external cables required
  •  Touch screen computer providing immediate plate view for defect assessment
  •  Motor driven, 0.5 m/s constant scanning speed

On board software functions:

  •  Immediate display of plate inspection data
  •  Pan and zoom in on defects
  •  C-scan / MFL and STARS views
  •  Advanced MFL signal processing for improved defect accuracy
  •  Plate scan guidance
  •  Tank statistics shows progress and un scanned percentage
  •  Individual calibrations per plate to handle different plate thickness ( main area, annulars )
  •  Touch screen display works with gloves