Inspection assurance on Amusement parks

Amusement park inspectionAmusement Park Inspection

Aries offers a wide range of testing and certification in the field of Theme parks, amusement parks, fairgrounds, leisure and entertainment industries around the world to ensure the safety and integrity of the assets, customers and workforces.

Inspection, Testing, and Certification included but are not limited to Amusement Park rides and Devices, Water parks, theme parks, attractions and other entertainment fields. The inspection and Certification process is based on international standards and local body requirements as well. Ride Safety is mandatory for safe operation for public use. The classification of rides/ devices is provided and the Inspection standards are adopted accordingly.

There are 4 levels of inspection in Amusement rides/devices

  •  Level - 1 Initial approval (Design review and inspection for new rides/Modification)
  •  Level - 2 All Amusement Rides/Devices including complex,vertical movement,Block Zones, Looping and pendulum rides with an acceleration of more than 3G.
  •  Level - 3 Amusement Rides/Devices excluding complex, vertical movement, block Zones,Looping and pendulum ride with an acceleration of more than 3G.
  •  Level - 4 Small rides like water attraction, thrill devices, walk thought, fixed rope, Inflatable, mobile climbing, trampoline, slides etc

  •  Inspection and certification
  •  Document review (new/existing)
  •  PPE Inspection
  •  Hydraulic system inspection
  •  Electrical and electronic components inspection
  •  Static pressure equipment inspection/verification
  •  Bolt torque Inspection
  •  Functional Testing of Devices
  •  Verification of Device Repairs
  •  Assessment of documentation and procedures
  •  Assistance in the preparation of NDT and maintenance schedules
  •  NDT (Visual/DPI/MPI/ACFM/MFL/Ultrasonic testing/Eddy Current Testing etc.)
Rope Access for Amusement Parks

With advanced rope access capabilities, Aries technicians can perform NDT, inspection and maintenance services and Bolt torque at even the tallest peak within your amusement park.Roller coasters and large rides rarely have much surface area for large equipment, machinery or platforms. Aries rope access experts can perform advanced NDT inspections at height, working within the existing structure of rides to ensure safety and stability. Bypassing the need to dismantle rides for rope access can save your time and cost for the periodic inspection and maintenance. Aries Rope access technicians are trained and certified by IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association).

  •  High Safety Standards
  •  World-Wide Services
  •  Minimal Mobilization Time
  •  Professionally trained qualified personnel
  •  Well-equipped and experienced NDT team
  •  Good track record
  •  Online Report Management System
  •  Approval from all major clients and authorities

  •  Roller coaster
  •  Ferris wheel
  •  Sky swinger rides
  •  Dark rides
  •  Wild mouse
  •  Drop tower ride
  •  Freak-out ride
  •  Flume ride
  •  Pendulum ride
  •  Air race
  •  Sky tower
  •  Top dancer
  •  Soft play
  •  Drifter
  •  Looping starship
  •  Water slides -paddle boats
  •  Walk-through attractions - haunted houses, inverted rooms, mirror mazes, simulators
  •  Bungee trampolines and trampoline courts
  •  Fixed rope courses - all fixed rope courses and tree top adventures, rope courses, zip lines
  •  Inflatable amusement attractions
  •  Mobile climbing wall - both manual and auto belay mobile climbing wall
  •  Mobile rope courses - include all adventure mobile rope courses from different sizes
  •  Trampoline - single and multiple beds trampolines
  •  Kiddie ride