Aries offer Qualitative, Quantitative, and Semi-Quantitative Risk Based Inspection Methodologies in Oil/Gas, Power, Petrochemicals and Marine sector

ARIES has enhanced the process and methodology of Risk based inspection (RBI) and Reliability Centred maintenance (RCM) analysis, by using the self-developed Risk Based Inspection software ARIES AIMS (Asset Integrity Management Software). It is a comprehensive software application developed specifically to assist facilities implement effective risk based inspection/ analysis, mechanical integrity and process safety programs.

Aries possess decades of immense experience in Oil/Gas, Power, Petrochemicals and Marine sector. We provide RBI assessment/ programming for various process units, especially for,

  •  Different process units of Oil Refineries and Gas plants.
  •  Oil production platform.
  •  FPSO (Floating production storage and offloading).
  •  FLNG (Floating liquefied natural gas).
  •  Onshore petroleum storage farms.
  •  Petrochemical/ Power plants.

We offer Qualitative, Quantitative, and Semi-Quantitative RBI Methodologies, which would be performed by professional team comprises RBI team leader, Inspection Engineers, RBI/ API Inspectors, Corrosion Engineers, Metallurgists, Chemical & Process Engineers, NDE Specialists etc. Since ARIES is having established asset integrity inspection task force along with all advanced inspection/ testing facilities, we are able to club the RBI assessment and required field inspection activities to produce an effective inspection package.

Why RBI?

Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) is an analysis methodology in which assets are identified for inspection based on their associated risks. RBI process, the potential risks are being analysed by qualitative or quantitative assessment of the probability of failure (PoF) and the consequence of failure (CoF) associated with each equipment item, piping circuits included, in a particular process unit. RBI identifies, assesses and maps industrial risks (due to potential damage mechanism), which can compromise equipment integrity in both pressurized equipment and structural elements. RBI addresses risks that can be controlled through proper inspections and analysis. During the RBI process, engineers design inspection strategies (what, when, how to inspect) that most efficiently match forecasted or observed degradation mechanisms.

RBI is a method to prioritize and manage the efforts of an inspection program and provides a methodology for determining the optimum combination of equipment inspection methods, scopes and frequencies.

ARIES AIMS (Asset Integrity Management Software)

ARIES AIMS provides tools for analysing and processing data that is managed in an Asset Integrity Management system. Data is analysed to determine the state of assets, its reliability, trends, potential risks, and probability of failures associated with that Asset. Based on the gathered data and associated analyses, the impact of projected changes are derived by ARIES AIMS. This facilitates educated recommendations and creation of Asset strategies for future asset maintenance.

ARIES AIMS is developed with a Risk Based Inspection approach following API 580 and API 581 principles for a comprehensive quantitative, semi-quantitative and qualitative analysis. The software is an online Web portal, with centralized data, that can be accessed from any location or computer, using web browsers. Quick and easy Updates. Store asset data and control documents in one place reducing redundancy and streamlining record keeping.

  •  Reduced likelihood of loss of containment; thus reducing downtime by avoiding unplanned outages
  •  Providing strategies to achieve desired level of mechanical integrity (MI) and reliability.
  •  Reduced inspection cost by specification of appropriate inspection techniques and extending inspection intervals where appropriate
  •  Legislative compliance
  •  Focusing resources on areas where maintenance is most critical and leads to More effective turnaround planning
  •  Enabling better budgeting and planning for future inspection, maintenance, and run-repair-replace decisions

Regulatory driven, Liability driven, Profit driven, Safety driven. "It is a tool to prioritize inspection budget, using the experience of the whole industry"

Integrity management services In support of client

  •  American Petroleum Institute (API MPMS)
  •  International Standards Organization (ISO)
  •  Steel Tank Institute (STI).
  •  Liquid Calibration Method.