Vibration Analysis is a predictive maintenance method which allows early problem detection in rotating machinery, such as: Turbines, Engines, generators, mills, gearboxes, fans, shafts, motors, compressors, chillers, pumps, mixers, and driers - in fact, almost any type of active machinery. Each component vibrates differently and generates a characteristic noise that leaves a typical fingerprint in the spectrum in the form of a linear pattern. If damage is present, the pattern stands out from the noise floor. This allows the specialist to recognize, for example, whether the problem comes from unbalance, misalignment or bearing damage. In addition to an accurate diagnosis it is generally also possible to determine whether urgent action is necessary or whether it can wait until the next scheduled servicing.

Vibration analysis - The benefits
  •  Enables the identification of machine faults
  •  Provides information on root causes
  •  Localizes the affected components
  •  Optimizes spare parts logistics
  •  Allows early planning of maintenance measures
We are capable to do
  •  Rotating Equipment Vibration Analysis
  •  Structural Vibration Analysis
  •  Finite Element Analysis
  •  Stress & Strain Analysis