Aries Marine and Engineering Services

Calibration Services

Aries started in 1998 .Since then, we have gradually grown by adding many new capabilities including primary and secondary instrumentation to become Middle East’s leading bursting service calibration Laboratory.  We have been able to provide cost-effective solutions to the calibration industry and have helped our customers to implement, maintain and improve their quality management systems. Quality and safety at work is of dominant importance and we are committed to provide services that constantly meet the customers’ requirements in a safe, timely and cost-effective method.

We maintain high accuracy master equipment traceable to International Standards in an environmentally controlled lab, qualified and experienced personnel, well defined work procedure to calibrate customer instruments for compliance with International standards or manufactures specification.

We take pride in being multifunctional service super corridor in International Marine and Industrial Fields and will to serve any part of the world at a short notice, the service which we serve Pressure, Temperature, Electrical, Dimension, Mass, Volume discipline and many more parameters. 

Our engineers are factory trained and specialized in providing and instrumentation and electrical control solution effectively round the clock, available to travel to any part of the world at a short notice for following areas, all our 

We provide to the following industries:

  •  Oil/Gas industry
  •  Marine industry
  •  Electro-Mechanical industry
  •  Manufacturing/Production industry
  •  Hotel industry
  •  SRV Inspection Services
  •  Food production & Storage
  •  HVAC Companies & Contractors
  •  Construction Fields
  •  Refrigerated Transport Systems
  •  Automobile industry

Calibration & Testing of Pressure / Temperature / Humidity related equipments

  •  Pressure Gauges
  •  Vacuum Gauges
  •  Pressure Relief Valves
  •  Pressure Calibrators
  •  Pressure Chart Recorders
  •  Pressure Transmitters/Transducers
  •  Pressure Regulators
  •  Thermocouples
  •  Thermometers
  •  Temperature Calibrators
  •  Temperature Recorders
  •  Pressure Test
  •  Thermo Hygrometer
  •  Whirling Hygrometer
  •  Digital Manometer
  •  Micro manometers
  •  Vertical / Inclined Manometer
  •  Baking Oven
  •  Holding Oven
  •  IR Thermometer
  •  Electrode Drying Oven
  •  Freezer / Chillers (Cold Storages)
  •  Freezer Vehicles
  •  Hydro test

Calibration & Testing of Dimensional Measurement Related equipments

  •  Vernier Calipers (Digital / Analog)
  •  Depth Vernier Calipers
  •  Measuring Tape / Scale
  •  Inside and Outside Micrometers
  •  Foil Thickness Gauge
  •  Dial Gauges
  •  Height Gauges
  •  Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
  •  Coating thickness Gauge
  •  Bore Gauges
  •  Feeler Gauges
  •  Profile Projector
  •  Bevel Protractor
  •  Depth Micrometers
  •  Combination set

Calibration & Testing of Electrical / Electronic equipments

  •  Digital / Analog Clamp meters
  •  Digital / Analog Multimeters
  •  Ammeters
  •  Process Meters
  •  Frequency Meters
  •  Resistance Box
  •  Voltmeters
  •  Insulation Testers
  •  Welding Machines

Calibration & Testing of Environmental measurement equipments

  •  Anemometer
  •  Sound Level meter
  •  Lux Meter
  •  Microwave Oven

Calibration & Testing of Mass / Force measurement equipments

  •  Torque wrenches
  •  Tachometer
  •  Conductivity Meter
  •  Weighing Scales
  •  pH Meter