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Light Survey

Light Survey & Energy saving survey are cost effective routine survey and we offers complete solution of light survey, in offshore and onshore. We classified light survey based on the IL luminance of work place or manned space. And it is the first step for energy conservation.

Type of Survey

  •  Lack of light
  •  Excessive light
  •  Energy Conservation
  •  Recommendation and Execution plan
  •  Energy saving calculation and Implementation

Technical Documents

  •  Building specification and survey plan identification
  •  Quantity of lighting fixtures by type per space
  •  Existing fixture digital photo index
  •  Existing fixture wattages
  •  Existing lighting controls
  •  Proposed lighting controls
  •  Proposed fixture wattages
  •  Existing operating hours
  •  Proposed operating hours
  •  New fixture descriptions
  •  Energy Saving Chart
  •  Local Regulation criteria evaluation data sheet
  •  Ceiling types / Height
  •  KW / KWH savings

Measurement Capabilities

  •  CRI (color rendering index)
  •  Illuminance /Lux
  •  Spectral Irradiance
  •  CIE 1931 x, y coordinates
  •  CIE 1976 UCS uv coordinates
  •  Peak Wavelength
  •  Dominant Wavelength
  •  CCT (correlated color temperature)

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