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Aries Marine and Engineering Services

Hatch Cover Leak Test

Ultrasonic leak testing

Ultrasonic Leak Test at its best:-Aries Marine & engineering service is the only company in middle east approved by class to conduct ultrasonic tightness test for hatch covers, other cargo access equipment such as bow-doors, visors, ramps, etc.

Sea water ingress is one of the major sources of damage to cargo resulting in expensive insurance claims. Aries leak test inspectors shall provide a quick and effective method of evaluating hatch seals.

The system consists of a battery powered transmitter containing ultrasound emitters .The emitters are arranged to produce an omni-directional sound field, uniformly distributed throughout the cargo hold.

The receiver part of the system displays the sound energy level that passes through gaps in the enclosed cargo hold to enable the location of leaks to be quickly and accurately identified.

Aries Having years of experience in Ultrasonic tightness test with more than 500 successful projects, Aries can act as a trouble shooter for all your requirements related to ultrasonic tightness test.

Ultrasound tightness test can apply , where lack of compression exists with pin-point accuracy (no time consuming investigation needed for finding the leaks, as the leak can be pin-pointed local repairs might be sufficient and adequate.

Lifting Inspection

ATL the entire spectrum of Oil & Gas, Marine, Power and Construction industry by maintains and sustains market leadership in lifting inspection and certification. We are accredited by EIAC (Emirates International Accreditation Centre), currently perform lifting inspection services on a worldwide basis and are well equipped to respond to clients’ needs at short notice.

Periodic inspection on all cranes and lifting equipment, this includes but is not limited to drilling equipment & tools, pedestal , mobile cranes, and overhead cranes, ROV/Dive spreads, fixed lifting equipment and loose lifting equipment.

ATL engineers are LEEA qualified & well trained to the highest standard through both internal and external training and undergo regular competency assessment to ensure they are up date with all the relevant procedures and standards.

Our spectrum of services is including

  1. Proof Load Testing , Inspection and Certification of
    Mobile Crane, Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, Derricks, Fork Lift Trucks, Lorry Mounted Cranes Spreader Beam and Manual Lifting Machines.
    Offshore Pedestal Crane, Barge Cranes, Pad Eye, Smit Bracket, BOP Chain Hoist, ROV/Dive Spreads, Launch Recovery System (LARS), Cradles and Winches, Offshore Container, Cargo Baskets, Offshore Baskets.
  2. Loose gear inspection.
  3. Zones (0, I & II) Certification.
  4. Ship Lift Inspection.
  5. Bollard Pull testing.
  6. Wire rope Inspection & Certification by NDT (Magnetic Flux Leakage) method.
  7. Test weight calibration & certification.
  8. Periodic & Annual inspection and condition monitoring of Lifting Equipments and Accessories.
  9. Crane Operator, Fork Lift Operator and Rigger training and certification.