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Aries Marine and Engineering Services



  • Intact and Damage Stability
  • Lightship Survey
  • Weight Estimation (MTO)
  • Inclining procedures
  • Probabilistic Damage
  • Transportation engineering
  • Loading Manuals
  • Loading Softwares
  • Loadicator
  • 2-3 Cargo Hold Analysis
  • Re Scantling Calculation

Lightship Survey

Lightship Survey is conducted to find out Lightship Weight & Longitudinal centre of gravity of the vessel. IS Code is followed for procedure to conduct of Lightship Survey.

Weight Estimation (MTO) of any Design Structure

Scantlings of the structure are listed for fabrication Purposes for design structural drawings.

Inclining Experiment

Inclining Experiment is conducted to find out Lightship weight, LCG, VCG & TCG of the vessel. Conduct of Inclining Experiment is followed based on IS Code. The Inclining Experiment Procedure is followed as per guideline provided in IS CODE.

Intact Stability Booklet with loading manual

The Intact stability booklet of the vessel is the manual in which all the possible loading conditions with the longitudinal strength of the vessel are worked out and the stability of the vessel checked for satisfying the IMO Rules. Intact Stability Criteria are checked as per IMO rules based on types of vessels.

Damage Stability Booklet

The Damage Stability Booklet is prepared based guideline of Marpol, SOLAS & class rules according to the type of the vessel. The Damage Stability includes the stability calculation after damage of compartments during the voyage of the vessel.

Loading Software

Loading Software is prepared for calculating the Stability Loading condition at any stage of the vessel by Captain of the vessel. This is based on manual entering the tanks status & weights details on the vessel then software should calculate the stability.

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