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OES Inspection

OES Inspection Services or PMI with Carbon

Aries Group extended the services in PMI with carbon (Positive Material Identification) & Latest portable Optical Emission Spectroscope (OES Inspection Services) analyzer for detecting ‘Carbon’.

Our portable PMI XRF and portable OES spark & UV pro analyzer detecting carbon and other light elements from all metals and alloys.

OES/PMI portable analyzer also detect the Chemical composition of Non ferrous metals such as Copper and Aluminium.

The new portable Optical Emission Spectro analysis detect light elements like Carbon, Silicon, Phosphorous,Sulfur,Boron,Tin.. and all other common elements.

PMI /OES precisely analyze components from remote areas, high industrial fixtures, storage tanks, turbines, ship hull etc.. Our experienced engineers carryout quantitative and qualitative analysis based on client and project requirements.

PMI Master pro (Optical Emission Spectroscopy) & PMI XRF commonly used for PIPES, RODS,VALVES inspection during manufacturing, installation & maintenance.

Now PMI & OES testing’s are common in all inspection procedures in order to maintain the quality of the products, tracing of carbon, welding, maintenance and third party inspections.

PMI & OES having excellent feedback and demand from various industries specially using in Metallurgy, Oil & Gas refineries, Petrochemical, Aviation , Military, Power plants, Ship building etc.

Services We Offer


  1. We do Proof load testing/Inspection and Certification of all lifting Equipment’s (All types of Cranes &Forklifts)
  2. Lifting Accessories/Loose Gears etc,Manufacturer Crane Inspection/Certification and Commissioning, Third Party
  3. Inspection/Supervision of Critical Lifts
  4. Load testing of Derricks, Life boat Davit systems, Cranes, Loose Gears in offshore/Land rigs, Vessels, Barges etc
  5. Bollard Testing
  6. Testing and Certification of Containers, Offshore baskets, Cargo basket etc
  7. Testing and Certification of Cradles
  8. Ship lifts Inspection including Wire rope inspection/Certification by nondestructive testing method
  9. On site/Offsite inspection of Pad Eyes
  10. Third Party Certification/Calibration of Test Weights