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Positive Material Identification

Positive material identification is a nondestructive method to verify the elemental composition of an alloy.  This is done by establishing the percentages of quantities of constituent materials.

With Positive material identification the suppliers, plant workers and others can determine the generic material composition so that they can match alloy specifications by their specific properties like heat resistance, durability and corrosion resistance. This step is sensitive and essential in places like petroleum refineries.

Nowadays many petroleum refineries and alloy manufacturers use Positive material identification testing to differentiate stainless steel of various grades.  There are tools like XRF analyzer which can accurately determine the composition and grade of alloys.

Positive Material Identification by Aries Marine

Aries Marine and Engineering Service have been studying these methods for a while and can provide you this service in an accurate and innovative way. We do this in our secure and sophisticated labs in a timely fashion.

There is an inherent risk in analyzing materials that are in process. Therefore Positive material identification testing qualifies as a nondestructive test. There is a vast need for PMI in areas like oil and gas refinery and metal industry.  PMI should be done with utmost care and precision though. 

Before Positive material identification became more popular plant operators at many places relied on test reports from suppliers. But these methods were not fully productive. Positive material identification should be then done at every stage.

Turning to unreliable service providers can lead to devastating outcomes. Aries Marine and Engineering Service have an impressive history in Positive material identification testing and proper solutions depending on the application.