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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Medusa Spar hull: Load Out in progress

With the self developed RBI software Aries team has enhanced safety and operational efficiency by ensuring the timely inspection of all in-service piping systems, depending on the following:

  • Contents and/or function of the piping system/Pressure vessel
  • Minimum inspection requirements and frequency of inspection
  • Classification of piping systems/Pressure vessel in accordance with API, Class MODU rules and other regulatory guidance documentation

What is RBI?

RBI is a method to prioritize and manage the efforts of an inspection program and provides a methodology for determining the optimum combination of equipment inspection methods, scopes and frequencies. RBI is both qualitative and quantitative process for systematically combining both the likelihood of failure and the consequence of failure to establish a prioritized list of pressure equipment basis total risk.

Medusa Spar hull: Load Out in progress

Benefits of RBI?

  • Reduced likelihood of loss of containment
  • Improved reliability and plant availability
  • Reduced inspection cost by specification of appropriate inspection techniques and extending inspection intervals where appropriate
  • Legislative compliance

Why RBI?

Regulatory driven, Liability driven, Profit driven, Safety driven. "It is a tool to prioritize inspection budget, using the experience of the whole industry"

Integrity management services In support of client

Equipment Prioritization RBI flow Medusa Spar hull: Load Out in progress

With the Aries Data Management System (DMS), client will be having online portal to review uploaded reports, drawings and documents of RBI & Hull Integrity from any corner of the world.

The client shall be assigned with a unique username and password for security and to increase easy and hassle free access to reports.

For further details contact:
Mr. Sanu Panakkal Augustine
Senior Manager
(QA/QC & Technical)
Mob : +971 50 7565952
Email: rbi@ariesgroup.ae