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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Aries Marine introduced the first state-of-the-art houseboat made of steel called BOTEL (Backwater Operated Tourist Entertainment Launch). This solar-powered houseboat was introduced for the first time in India International Boat Show 2005. The BOTEL attained much appreciation during the IIBS 2005, held in Kochi.

Safe Botel - Steel houseboat by Aries marine

BOTEL is an alternative to all the traditional houseboats. It is an indigenous houseboat with great interiors and eco-friendly features. “The first of its class houseboat in India is made of steel and unsinkable even in accidents because of the buoyancy chambers fitted in it. The hull of the vessel is fitted with stabilizing keels to prevent undesired rolling in high waters. BOTEL is a benchmark as far as the safety features are concerned" says Mr. Sohan Roy, CEO of Aries Group.


steel houseboat design - Aries Marine

Technically BOTEL is designed keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the passengers. The engines and steering system are located away from the steering area. The conference-cum-dining room on the upper deck can accommodate 50 persons. The innovative houseboat also has a bilge water separator to separate oily water from the engine room. BOTEL has a well equipped and efficient garbage management system to store and dispose garbage. Instead of discharging the sewage to the backwaters directly, the vessel has a sewage treatment plant for its collection and treatment. This eco-friendly feature of BOTEL prevents environment pollution.

Safe Botel:For more details click on : www.safebotel.com