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Aries Marine and Engineering Services

Spark Testing

Spark Testing Service Provider

Aries Marine & Engineering service is the leading service provider rendering Spark Testing facilities in the Oil & Gas industry. We are equipped with the latest Spark Testing tools and technology to cater the most advanced requirements of our offshore and onshore clients.

Spark testing is a latest methodology of finding classification of ferric materials. It is normally used in Oil and gas industry by Aries Marine for determining the general classification of ferrous materials.

At Aries Marine & Engineering Services, spark test is made by holding a material against an abrasive wheel. While visually inspecting the spark stream, the metal classification can be identified with considerable accuracy.

At Aries Marine & Engineering Service the Spark testing service is used because it is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Moreover, test samples do not have to be prepared in any way, so, often, a piece of scrap is used.

Advantages of Spark Testing

  • Easy material grade identification
  • Can apply on both raw and semi finish Materials
  • Spark Testing is cost-effective
  • Easy to execute and fast