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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


TOFD Inspection Method

TOFD Inspection is a highly reliable nondestructive testing method primarily used for finding flaws in welds. Ultrasonic sensors are placed on either side of weld. One sensor sends the ultrasonic beam in the type of longitudinal wave into the weld and the other receives it. When it counters an anomaly diffracted energy is cast in every direction.

The flaw is detected accurately by measuring the time of flight of   diffracted beams. TOFD Inspection gives helps in determining correct crevice sizes of defects.

 TOFD Inspection can be used on its own or with other ND testing methods. The direct and most popular application of TOFD Inspection is in pipeline welding. TOFD is a massively popular testing method tool since it is guaranteed to give you precise and reliable results all the time.

TOFD Inspection method has profound applications in oil refining, petroleum industries, offshore and marine industries.

 Aries marine and Engineering Services provides the best service in TOFD inspection in a time conservative way. Aries Marine has been researching and innovating in this field for quite some time.  Aries marine and Engineering Services has extensive and unparalleled field experience in this area.


  • Reliability in positioning and sizing defects
  • Fast results
  • Accurate measurements
  • More probability of detecting discontinuities compared to other methods.
  • No radiation is used
  • No material damage
  • Immediate results
  • Even the minute and inconspicuous flaws can be detected.